Saturday, 23 July 2011

let's have a garden party

Miss Patina is a London based clothing brand developed by a design team of graduates from the London College of Fashion.

This vintage style inspired clothing brand specialises in lady-like tea dresses, soft knitwear & cardigans, heritage skirts, capes, coats and pussy bow blouses. These beautiful creations wouldn't be out of place at a vintage style garden party with pretty teacups and scones!

We love the fact that Miss Patina offer free international shipping and very reasonable prices. So much so that we recently bought two gorgeous dresses from this seller. The package arrived within less than 2 weeks of placing the order and we were very impressed with the quality of the dresses and the flattering fit. You can tell the love and thought that has gone into the design and choice of fabric. We would definitely buy from Miss Patina again!

Miss Patina Chic Lace Collar Dotty Dress (Black) £44.90GBP approx $68.00AUD

Miss Patina White Collar Dress (Grey)
£48.99GBP approx $5.00AUD

i got a dollar

Singapore Esty seller PrintnPatterns makes quirky and unique bags and purses from great quality fabrics, with quaint and retro prints.

Every piece is hand made with love and care and sewn on a vintage Singer manual sewing machine from the 1960s.

We love their vintage toy camera coin purse made from a beautiful Japanese print cotton. Approx $8AUD. Or what about a made to order personalized hand embroidered name wristlet bag? Approx $15AUD.

Yes please!


Monday, 18 July 2011

we heart brogues!

Brogues are a fashionable winter staple. The Brogue shoe originated in wee Scotland and Ireland and is a flat sturdy leather shoe traditionally decorated with perforations.

Apparently those pretty little perforations allowed water to drain from the shoes when the jolly old Scottish man crossed wet terrain such as a dirty old bog! Nowdays we just wear them because they are super pretty! Bless!

New Look black leather
punched brogues
NOW £20.00
WAS £39.99

New Look brown leather
laceless brogue

New Look grey leather
NOW £20.00
WAS £44.99

New Look white laceless
leather brogue
WAS £34.99GBP

drip drip drop little winter shower...

One thing about winter you can't really escape from is the rain. Frizzy hair, drenched clothes, soggy shoes, the list goes on.

Its a fashion disaster!

However it can all be made just a little bit better with a funky umbrella! Online fashion store My Label have some cute as pie umbrellas in stock at the moment.

fulton ella doran
sunflower kensington
walker umbrella

Saturday, 9 July 2011

level headed

Trawling though our fave crafty website we came across this ever so quirky but cute 'level' necklace from Etsy seller thelovelyteaspoon.

A girl never knows when she is going to need to check her levels, so its handy to have one on hand!

cookies, anyone?

Melbourne based Aunty Cookie is a brand created by Shannon Lamden. This talented girl specializes in fabric design and illustration and has all her prints printed locally.

We love her strong and bold designs. Check out her website.

brrrrr cold snap cold snap!

While we are all complaining about the cold weather here in Australia, one thing we love about winter is the winter fashion - Scarves, stockings, fluffy sweaters and warm jackets.

Also we love the fact that while its winter in Australia its summer time in the UK. This means that alot of the UK online fashion stores such as ASOS are selling their out of season winter and spring clothing for dirt cheap.

Check out these two great finds.

ASOS Hooded Military Cape
£75GBP, NOW £36GBP
approx $54AUD

ASOS Wool Hooded Duffle Coat
£75GBP, NOW £38GBP
approx $57AUD

Sunday, 3 July 2011

hows about dem apples?

Fancy having a manky, half eaten apple core hanging around your
neck? No? Us either. But we are loving this super cute teeny brass and enamel apple core necklace from Galibardy. £16GBP, approx $25AUD.

Also eyeing off their chunky, green granny smith style ring. All the fun, without the sticky mess. This store has us hooked. £18, approx $28AUD.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

moonlight serenade

We adore this cute digital print from Esty store holder ashleyg aka Ashely Goldberg. Based in Portland USA, Ashley enjoys focusing her art on portraiture and capturing a brief moment in time.

Plus, wait for it....she ships her prints to Australia - Yay for us!

$20USD, approx $19AUD.

words with friends

Sometimes there are no words to say...but thanks to UK sister duo Rock 'n' Rose all you have to do is hang it off your body.

Rock 'n' Rose is a British vintage-inspired women's jewellery and headwear brand. We are loving their scrabble and type writer theme rings and necklaces at the moment. Luckily they ship internationally which means we can enjoy their quirky jewellery too! Just don't use your new scrabble necklace to cheat next time you play!

scrabble ring £8GBP, APPROX $12AUD
typewriter necklace £19GBP, approx $29AUD

Friday, 1 July 2011

chic computer geek

Computer desk looking slightly, boring ? Yes you answer? Okay, then check out this retro cool record style mouse pad from Etsy Seller mirrorgirl from Haddonfield, USA! $15USD, approx $14AUD.

Fancy a suited tiger or a smart squirrel looking up at you everytime you have a cup of coffee? We think these coaster sets are simply dapper.
$18USD, approx $17AUD.

This clever seller licenses the artwork of over 25 amazingly talented
young artists and brings their art to fun and functional giftware.
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