Tuesday, 6 November 2012

living gifts

Herb Rustic Gift Box
Check out this great site we found that deliver really affordable, environmentally friendly tree and plant gifts across Australia. We love their range of living gift ideas which include fragrant lavender chalk boxes, herb rustic gift boxes, luscious lemon tree tea hampers, and even succulent zen bowls. You can order from their lovely range online and have it delivered to your special someone, generally within a couple of business days.

Fragrant Lavender Chalk BoxWe used Growing Gifts recently to mark a friends 30th birthday milestone and she just loved it. It's a unique gift idea and is so easily purchased, as Growing Gifts take online payments, and carefully package and courier your gift to many destinations around the country.

It's a surefire hit that any friend or family member are sure to love. Not just that, but you are also showing care and conservation towards our planet by giving a living gift that continues to grow.

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That's cool to know, thanks for sharing!


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