Monday, 23 July 2012

coasting along

If you want something quirky and unique for your coffee table, then look no further. These coasters are handmade from individually folded and glued strips of recycled magazine. They are then varnished to make them heatproof and waterproof. Each set of coasters from non-profit charity The Lifestart Foundation, includes the name of the person who made them and a little about their life. All the profits from the sales of the coasters go towards helping those living in challenging situations in Vietnam. Recycled Magazine Set of coasters $12 USD.

Friday, 6 July 2012

shrink wrap

Loving these victorian inspired graphic shrink plastic necklaces by mammas little babies.  Each pendant features a beautiful illustration printed on toned plastic. They are made entirely by hand in their in northern California studio.

dahlia - one dreamy day

Playful and girly UK clothing brand and online store Dahlia presents this adorable two minute short film titled 'One Dreamy Day'. It features a range of the clothing and accessories available on their online shop.  And remember Dahlia offer worldwide delivery, so noone misses out!

Monday, 2 July 2012

tights please

Tights are a winter staple. Show off your pins this winter with some fancy tights from ModCloth.

Modcloth black stockings with pink ribbon feature

Modcloth pale stockings with geometric print feature

Modcloth black patterned stockings

Modcloth black criss cross patterned stockings

Modcloth nude stockings with black bow feature on the back
Modcloth nude stockings with black geometric print down the front

transparent black stockings with red lace mock suspender feature pattern

transparent black stockings with black hearts on the knee

Modcloth nude and black striped stockings
Modcloth nude stockings with black dot feature down the side

Modcloth transparent white lack stockings

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Wha...wha..what it this thing in the bottom of my coffee??!!
Well duh its a surprise mug! 
The ANIMUGS collection by SpademanPottery, are white mugs which feature little critters hidden on the inside. The wee animal is fused to the bottom of the mug. Fill them with your hot drink of choice, drink away and viola, there they appear after a few sips. ANIMUGS are dishwasher and microwave safe and made to order. 

spice things up

Kitchy yet adorably cute. This set of four snow-globe spice shakers feature a cheeky white rabbit and pretty polar bear, a crafty camel and a dainty deer. Just fill them with salt, pepper, herbs and spices and sprinkle away! Snowy Seasoning Spice Shaker Set $44.99 USD.

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