Tuesday, 13 September 2011

plastic fantastic

Lomography 'LOMO' cameras are deliberately simply designed and inexpensively constructed manual film cameras - often made out of plastic. The LOMO camera was originally designed in Russia during the cold war to be a spy camera.

Sometimes called 'Toy Cameras' the LOMO camera has a big following around the world due to the colorful and crazy photos they produce. There are many varieties and brands on the market such as the Fisheye, Supersampler, Holga & Diana.

Each LOMO camera brand produces different artistic, unique and distorted photos. Different LOMO effects include, light leaks, color flashes, out of focus, sharp, or light and dark.

The exciting thing is you don't get to see the pics until they are developed. So hook yourself up with a LOMO camera and get shooting!

La Sardina Lomography Camera in El Capitan $99.99US, approx $97.28AUD
Diana F+ Clone Camera in CMYK $104.99US, approx $102.15AUD

jewellery for the unruly

London based jewellery brand Me and Zena was develped by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Zena Mckeown.

Popular with celebs such as Pixie Geldof, Marina and the Diamonds and Fearne Cotton, Me and Zena stocks a range of trippy necklaces, quirky rings and unusual charms.

We love this 'Should I? Decision Maker Necklace' (as seen on UK celeb Pixie Geldof) NOW £9GBP, approx $13.81AUD. This necklace will come in handy if your stuck on the spot with a hard decision to make!
Just shake, close your eyes and see where
the ball falls - life will be so much easier!

We want, want, want this 'Leopard Necklace' (as seen on UK celeb Ellie Goulding) £19GBP, approx $29.18AUD. Poor little fellow doesn't look too happy, however he makes a great statement piece!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

swap till you drop

They say that one girl's trash is another girl's treasure. Are you (like us) hoarding masses of unworn clothing in your wardrobe? We say, if you havent worn it in at least two years, get rid of it!

The Clothing Exchange is joining with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week to bring you 'Swap your Frock' clothing exchange.

When: From 12:30pm to 2:30pm, Saturday 10th September 2011
Where: City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tickets: $25AUD purchase from www.clothingexchange.com.au

Bring: Please bring up to 6 evening wear garments or dresses that are of good quality and swap them for something you will wear.

ruche ruche

A new addition to our expanding online store directory is US store Ruche. Ruche was created and designed in 2008 by married couple Mai Olivo and Josh Olivo. This vintage inspired independent boutique sells beautiful clothing and kooky homewares.

Ruche prides itself in supporting small boutique brands and indie designers. They ship to Australia and their prices are very reasonable. Check out their gorgeous store and fall in love with it just as we did.

Vinifera button-up dress $38.99USD approx $37.24AUD
Look who's calling salt and pepper shakers $17.99USD approx $17.18AUD

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