Tuesday, 13 September 2011

plastic fantastic

Lomography 'LOMO' cameras are deliberately simply designed and inexpensively constructed manual film cameras - often made out of plastic. The LOMO camera was originally designed in Russia during the cold war to be a spy camera.

Sometimes called 'Toy Cameras' the LOMO camera has a big following around the world due to the colorful and crazy photos they produce. There are many varieties and brands on the market such as the Fisheye, Supersampler, Holga & Diana.

Each LOMO camera brand produces different artistic, unique and distorted photos. Different LOMO effects include, light leaks, color flashes, out of focus, sharp, or light and dark.

The exciting thing is you don't get to see the pics until they are developed. So hook yourself up with a LOMO camera and get shooting!

La Sardina Lomography Camera in El Capitan $99.99US, approx $97.28AUD
Diana F+ Clone Camera in CMYK $104.99US, approx $102.15AUD

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