Tuesday, 16 August 2011

i want to ride my bicyclette...oui oui

Brrring brrring! With all the recent
excitement of the tour de france and the weather suddenly brightening up a bit, we are keen as mustard to get out on the bike a bit more! Except no yellow jerseys or spandex here, we prefer floral attire please.

Vintage style bicycles are all the rage at the moment. More and more girls in Australia are following in suit of their European friends, who would think nothing of fluttering around on their shiny cruiser bikes with wicker baskets full of crusty baguettes and fresh tulips.

Many local bicycle shops stock new vintage style bicycles. Or if you prefer the real thing check out gumtree or ebay for a reconditioned retro bike.

Pappilionaire Bicycles has a cool range of bikes at their store in Melbourne, and even better - they also sell their bikes online and ship throughout Australia! Oui Oui!

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