Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ready, Set, SEND!

Sentimental gushing over Hallmark type cards was never really our style, and we're guessing there are a few of you out there who may feel just the same, right? We'll you're going to love dig this All-Set Card Set we found from Colle & McVoy.

These beautiful yet contemporary, limited edition, letter-pressed cards come in a set of 8, and will pretty much have your next card-giving year covered. You don't even have to remember the dates, because they've also got that covered with a personal email reminder service. Nifty! Oh, we almost forgot, as well as getting points as a totally awesome daughter/girlfriend/sister/friend, 100% of your proceeds go to United Way.

Thank us later ... we're guessing you might just have a card for it!

All-Set Card Set: $14.99USD, approx $15AUD. International Delivery available. Payments made via Paypal.

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Alex said...

Great idea, your website!!

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