Wednesday, 4 January 2012

book worm

Buying books online can save you alot of time and money. We have found that books tend to be cheaper if you buy them online, especially from overseas. Pick, click and posted direct to your door. Enough said.

We found this handy website called Booko. It makes shopping online for books even easier. Booko compares all the popular online book websites that deliver to Australia and then gives you the cheapest option. It even searches the largest international bookstores online like Amazon, Book Depository (free international shipping) and Better World Books (free international shipping). Winning!


Miss Raj said...

This is an AWESOME blog - don't know how I stumbled upon it but i LOVE the concept and especially the layout of it. It's very pleasant to browse through... really enjoyed having a nose around :) I'm your newest follower, look forward to reading many more interesting/informative posts. Best wishes for the new year


The Huntress said...

Thanks! We appreciate your lovely comment! Love your blog too! :D

Maria said...

Your blog is so beautiful and I'm so flattered about what you said on my blog, it was so sweet! You blog is beyond lovely and couldn't resist following you also.
xx Maria

Gillie said...

Wow, I Love your blog, great tips and a beautiful layout!

xo Gillie

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