Monday, 13 February 2012

vintage greetings

Remember before facebook... when it was your birthday and you actually got a birthday card....
a REAL birthday card you could touch and feel?

Sending greeting cards is a tradition that seems to be flailing post the introduction of social media mediums. We don't think a simple 'Happy Birthday' wall post on facebook is cutting the mustard anymore.

There are still alot of cards for sale on the market these days, but have you ever though about going vintage? That is, purchasing and sending vintage greeting cards?

Ye Olde Vintage Greeting Card Shoppe on Etsy has a large range of genuine, unused, vintage greeting cards for all occasions.
Ahh the memories!!


Sincerely, Lola ♥ said...

I love this post !
I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who still believes in traditions like this since everyone is on the facebook bandwagon which I hopped off a long time ago.
Call me sentimental, but I adore receiving, just as much as giving cards, and I love it when someone else shares the same view !

Lola xox

The Huntress said...

oh thanks dearie!! Yes fb has de-personalised the birthday. It always feels special when someone picks a nice card and writes a lovely message to you!

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