Thursday, 27 October 2011

day dream

Soft and muted colours, and dream like themes characterises the beautiful ink illustrations by artist Liese Chavez aka PalePreoccupation. Liese, who is from Colarado USA, sells signed prints of her original ink and watercolor paintings.

Liese has her own shop on Etsy - so if you buy a print from her shop, you are buying straight from the artist, which is a mutually rewarding experience. Liese signs each print and ships it with care directly to your door! We are in love with her magical drawings. Check out Liese's Etsy shop.

FLOWN - signed (8x10) Print of an Original Ink and Watercolor Painting approx $25AUD

BECOMING - signed (8x10) Print of an Original Ink and watercolor Painting approx $25AUD


The Little Weirdo said...

these are beautiful! thanks for showcasing these! :)

The Huntress said...

our pleasure. we think they are beautiful too :)

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