Friday, 25 May 2012


What a wonderful idea! Eleven Trees Artistry transforms vintage, unused books into interesting and unique picture frames. We love. What a lovely memento or perfect gift for a book lover. These Vintage Book Picture Frames are available from Eleven Trees Artistry. They are sold for around $30 USD each. 



Lana S. said...

This is so cute :)

Franny P said...

A gorgeous idea!

Joana Isabel Duarte said...

IFB brought me here! This blog has a nice concept! I'll follow via bloglovin, just because it's all so cute and adorable *-* I'm from Portugal, so I can't really take your shopping advice :/

Keep doing this nice work! I'll stay tuned
Joana ID

on Bloglovin'

Kristen said...

Hey, this is Kristen from Eleven Trees Artistry :)
Just wanted to leave a thank you note for featuring my shop and a few of my lovely book frames! Love your blog!
PS: there's an 11% off sale through June 20, 2012 in celebrating Father's Day and graduations!

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