Friday, 4 May 2012


Lynnderella is the rock-star of the nail art world. An independent glitter nail polish artist, Lynnderella mixes and creates all her nail polishes by herself from scratch at home. Now this is not a "sell ten bottles at the local market" kinda girl, Lynnderella's nail polishes are in high demand around the world and when she sells them on her blog, they sell out within hours. There are many nail art blogs dedicated to Lynnderella's polishes, but you can't just buy them anywhere, the only other online shop that sells Lynnderella polishes is Llarowe. But don't get so excited girls there is a HUGE waiting list for Lynnderella's glittery creations, so you're going to have to lie, steal or cheat to get your hands on one of these beauties any time soon - or simply join the queue x


anurbanexplorer said...

oh my gosh~ i want to get my hands on these tooo! gorgeous!


The Huntress said...

Same, but they are so hard to get hold of. The waiting list at Llarowe is crazy and Lynnderella's blog is closed at the moment because she apparently sells them on there sometimes.

Stace said...

Oh wow, these are amazing! She actually mixes them herself, I find that admirable. Love the gold and the multicoloured glitter ones!

x Stace

Rebecca said...

WOW I love these! x

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